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Requests, Affiliation, Advertising

|Hey there, welcome to avrophantasm. This icon journal is all shiny and new, so don't be shy if you have a contest recommendation, icon of affiliation request.

{Please post to this entry if you would like to be affiliates or have a request, though I'll still take them if you post on any entry. It's just neater this way.

{For affiliates, I'm interested in fellow icon journals/communities, but if you happen to post a lot of icons in your personal journal, that's fine, too. We all love icons, right?

{Websites for graphics and icons are also fine for affiliation.

{Please only add me after I respond.

{For requests, you don't have to provide specific images, but it would be really nice.

{If you have any recommendations for any icon contest communities or are trying to get yours off the ground, let me know here and I'll take a look.