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Avro's Icons

All systems are go!

27 April
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{This is avroillusion 's icon journal! It's about time I made one of these! Here I make icons; mostly of whatever's receiving my fannish devotion at the moment. I hope you find something you like~. This is still a baby journal and I'm a little new at this icon community thing. Ha.

{So far I've done icons for the following fandoms: The Legend of Zelda, Megaman Classic, Team Fortress 2, Kuuchuu Buranko(Trapeze), Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, the iDOLM@STER, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon, AIR, The World Ends with You

{No hotlinking! Hotlinking does bad things to bandwidth~!
{No stealing either! Saving an icon is easy and you don't have to comment. Comments are appreciated though, no matter how old the entry.
{Don't use my icons to make your own. Blanks are not bases unless stated.
{Tips and concrit also appreciated!



{erniemay { lifeisdolce { offbeat_upbeat { vol4itca { hanako_lovely { innocent_lexys { wonderland_ { icon_collide { girlboheme { endou {
{ eternalphoenix_ { vintageforest { elanorh { spiritcoda {cookiechiipz { kaelienl { nuska86 { proverbsun { worldofmagic { bambinainnero { dactyliotheca {
{ thrillicons { aentee { misarte { cinefila_icons { andraya { boldinsanity { brazen_water { bttrfly_kiss { whitebamboo { cellardooricons { crackxicons {
{ fragiledelirium { haudvafra { joel_le { jordannamorgan { sgmajorshipper { twinstrikeish { miyozari {
{ rogue_dolls { ohfreckle { seynee { 10000pixels { viciousgurl { vienna_blood { terempaty { tiger_tutorials { trapne { blackpatrol {
{ ravenclawwit { { idiotxbeauty {

{ manila-craze { White-Nuts { crazymegan { cloaks { 99mockingbirds { strippeds0cks { yunyunsarang { maryano4ka { kellileo { cookiestome { jyuukoi { gimei { fauxism.org {
{ misssnoopy25 { iconcollide { Ruthenia-Alba{






{sql_girl's Table Generator

{Old icons and junk can be seen in avroillusion 's memories.

{The ones I made when I was just starting out were embarrassingly ugly, but if want to take a look, be my guest: Icon Memories


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